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Executive Board

The seven member SEDOM Executive Board is composed of superintendents and lay board members from the cooperative's member districts.  Board members serve a three-year term.  The Executive Board meets monthly and provides for the overall operation of SEDOM and all programs, including all SEDOM staff, school facilities, transportation, equipment and materials.  Policies for the operation of SEDOM are developed and approved by the Executive Board.

Governing Board

The SEDOM Governing Board consists of seventeen members comprised of a board member from each of the seventeen member districts.  The SEDOM Governing Board meets twice each year in March for a review of Programs and Services and in August for a review and approval of the budget.

The next meeting of the SEDOM Governing Board will be on August 16, 2017 at 7 pm in the SEDOM Center Gym

2016-2017 Board Goals

• Enhance local capacity for meeting the needs of unique learners.
• Provide resources to support local initiatives.
• Ensure a meaningful relationship between SEDOM and its Member Districts.
• Provide responsible direction and planning for the future of the organization.

 Meeting Dates

Executive Board Members

Name/ District

Began on Board:
Term Expires:
Dr. Linda Dujmovich, Board Secretary
Marengo Community High School District # 154
2014 2017
Dr. Debbie Ehlenburg
Alden-Hebron District # 19
2015 2018
Ms. Lea Damisch, Board President
Marengo-Union District # 165
2014 2017
Ms. Karen Parks
Harrison School District # 36
2014 2017
Dr. Johnnie Thomas
Crystal Lake High School District # 155
2016 2019
Dr. Lauri Tobias, Board Vice President
Harvard District # 50
2015 2018
Dr. Betsy Les
Crystal Lake Elementary District # 47
2016 2019